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Facility Matching Funds

About the Facility Matching Funds Program

The Facility Grant Application was introduced in 2018 as part of the Erie Sports Commission’s mission to enhance local sports facilities and support the development of sports infrastructure. The grant aims to provide financial assistance to organizations seeking to improve or expand their sports facilities. Since 2018 the Sports Commission has awarded a total of $165,700.

The primary objective of the Facility Grant Application is to assist in the development and improvement of sports facilities within Erie County. The grant supports projects that enhance the capacity to host sports events, thereby increasing the potential for economic impact through sports tourism.

Since its inception, the Facility Grant Application program has supported numerous projects that have significantly improved the sports infrastructure in Erie County by rewarding $165,700 to sporting facilities in Erie. The grant has supported the hosting of larger and more prestigious sports events, such as the 2024 PA State USBC Open Championships and the 2024 World Ninja League Midwest Regional Championships. By providing financial assistance, the Erie Sports Commission helps to enhance local sports facilities, attract significant sports events, and stimulate economic growth, which promotes Erie as a sporting destination.


Who is eligible for a grant?

Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations, schools, municipalities, and other entities that manage sports facilities. Projects must demonstrate a clear benefit to the community, such as the ability to attract new events, increase participation in sports, or improve the overall quality of the facility. Applicants must provide a detailed project plan, including budget, timeline, and expected outcomes.

Past Awardees:

2024 - First Round

Sinai Sports, $10,000, purchase additional ninja equipment; ASCEND Erie, $7,000, to purchase additional climbing infrastructure; Papa's Sports Warehouse, $7,000, interior upgrades; Eastland Bowl, $3,000, interior upgrades; and Hagerty Family Events Center, $3,000, purchase of gymnasium floor runners.

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2024 - Second Round

The Erie Hunt & Saddle Club, $10,000, for stall renovations; LECOM Sports Park, $10,000, to assist in the construction of The Summit Room; Flo Fabrizio Ice Center, $6,000, to purchase a sound system; McDowell Baseball Boosters, $3,000, towards baseball field improvements; and American Power Gym, $1,000, purchase of strict curl equipment.

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Erie Sports Center, $18,000, purchase equipment for the additional of four baseball/softball fields; ASCEND Erie, $15,000, purchase supplies/equipment needed to host competitions; Around the Post, $12,000, creation of four dedicated indoor pickleball courts; Lake Erie Speedway, $10,000, repaving of portions of the pit area; Lake Shore BMX, $4,000, purchase track glue and the creation of a strider track; and Asbury Woods, $1,000, purchase of a hydration station.

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Erie Sports Center, $5,000, developed and equipped outdoor volleyball nets; MSA Premier Soccer Park, $5,000, purchased soccer and lacrosse goals; Rambler Wrestling Club, $3,700, purchased a new wrestling mat; and Stars and Stripes, $2,500, purchased a new scoring system.


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Previous awardees include: 



Erie Sports Center, Sinai Sports and Six Mile Creek Park. 


Did not award due to COVID. 


E2A2 Sports Facility, MYAA David Long Baseball/Softball Complex, MYAA Henry Fish Sports Complex.


ERIEBANK Sports Park.